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Maggie De Block
Minister of Public Health and Social Affairs, Belgium

“Dr Hans Kluge’s experience as a general practitioner in Belgium allows him to understand the needs of both patients and those working on the front line in health care, while his international career has connected him with health policy makers across Europe. Everywhere he has worked, he has proved that he knows how to turn words into concrete action. He has the full support of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Affairs and we are proud to propose him as the candidate from Belgium.”

Didier Reynders
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense, Belgium

“Dr Kluge’s career proves he is ideally suited to the role of helping Europe meet the current and future challenges of health and the Sustainable Development Goals, which are a priority for the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many governments across the Region. I wholeheartedly support Dr Kluge’s candidature and the ministry is proud to nominate him.”

Natasha Azzopardi-Muscat
President European Public Health Association

“Hans has an excellent grasp of the myriad of health issues that the countries in Europe are striving to address. He appreciates the importance of public health professionals in preventing illness, protecting health and governing health systems. Throughout the years, I have witnessed his ability to listen, empathize, assimilate and implement. His vision, values and commitment are conducive to building partnerships for safeguarding and improving people’s health.”

Peter Banai
State Secretary of Finance, Ministry of Finance, Hungary

“I have noticed how credibly Hans communicates with Ministers of Finance and multilateral financial decision makers in support of Ministers of Health. From my own experience, I know how important it is to invest in health for economic development and efficiency.”

Nicola Bedlington
Secretary General of the European Patients' Forum

“Throughout his career, Hans has shown not only that he cares about patients and their families, but also that he knows how to harness the huge role patients can play in making policy and transforming it into real-life action.”

Herman Van Rompuy
first President of the European Council, former Prime Minister of Belgium

“Dr Hans Kluge is the health leader Europe needs today. He is the person who can mobilize collective action and strengthen health security, and who understands the Region’s different needs from east to west, north to south.”

Colonel Natalia Vezhnina
former Medical Director, penal Tuberculosis (TB) colony nr. 33, Mariinsk, Russia. 2015 Award winner of Kochon Prize for TB

“For two years, Hans and I worked together in the harshest circumstances at the prison hospital for TB patients in Siberia. As the most famous Russian prison doctor Dr Fedor Petrovich Haaz would say: “he is a real doctor who is always hurried up to do good”. His sense of duty, empathy, self-sacrifice, political correctness and ability to captivate people helped us save so many lives. Absolutely committed to getting our patients the best care, he respected our ways of working while aligning them with new WHO approaches. Everyone in the prison thought extremely highly of him.”

Peter Piot
former UNAIDS Executive Director and UN Under Secretary-General; Director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

“I’ve witnessed Hans’ dedication and commitment throughout his career. After graduating from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium, I remember how Hans signed up to work with Médecins Sans Frontières in Somalia and Liberia during their civil wars and his determination to help patients on the ground. Since then, I have watched as he has continued to dedicate his talents, experience and skills to the pressing issues of local, regional and global health policy and diplomacy.”

Anna Stavdal
President elect WONCA World (World Organisation of Family Doctors), former President WONCA Europe

“Hans has a value based approach to health care. He holds a profound understanding of the important interplay between public health and primary care in our common effort to achieve health for all. Through his work he has shown that he values and understands the role of primary care providers, family doctors included. WONCA is deeply grateful for Hans’ hard work preparing and negotiating for the 40th anniversary of the Alma Ata Declaration.”

Eric de Roodenbeke
CEO, International Hospital Federation

“Having worked with Dr Hans Kluge for a number of years, I have witnessed his capacity to articulate, explain and make sound recommendations to countries relying on a clear vision of the future of health services. Dr Hans Kluge has shown his commitment to people-centred care: a unified approach combining public health, primary care, hospitals, social care, and community mobilization so that, in the framework of Primary Health Care, people are looked after throughout their lives and never lost in the system.”

Valentina Sarkisova
Chair of the European Forum of National Nursing and Midwifery Associations, President of the Russian Nurses Association

“Nurses and midwifes need a great champion of their role in current and future health systems in Europe – and Hans has shown that he has a real passion for our professions. He has always listened, and more importantly, delivered and followed up on his promises.”

Martin McKee
Research director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, Professor of European Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, former President of the European Public Health Association

“With a wealth of experience, from the front line of complex health emergencies to policy dialogues with global leaders, Hans demonstrates the importance of applying high quality, contextually appropriate evidence based on strong public health values. His combination of vision, clarity of purpose, and commitment to team working make him ideally suited to confront to the most important threats to health in this uncertain world.”

Vladimir Zhovtyak
President of East Europe and Central Asia Union of People Living with HIV

“Dr Kluge has always been very supportive of our network, and of people living with HIV and TB. He involves us in every stage of developing policies and putting programmes into place; he has helped us like no one else.”

Nicolas Cantau
Regional Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (from 2012 till 2017)

“Hans embodies modern leadership and transformational management. With great moral authority and modesty, he ensured that his WHO team constantly works together with the Global Fund for better TB and HIV control. Hans was the visionary behind the first regional health system programme for TB control in the EECA region (TB REP). Hans is a man of action, who puts the patients and human rights for health at the center of all his endeavours. He is a man of great values who is always keeping his promises.”

Elias Mossialos
Professor of Health Policy and Head, Department of Health Policy, London School of Economics

“Hans has spent more than 25 years assisting countries to improve their health systems and populations’ health. He has often operated in challenging environments, having worked in Somalia, Myanmar, North Korea and in prisons in Siberia. Since moving to Europe, he has put his unique experience to work in improving diverse health systems from Iceland to Kyrgyzstan. As well as being active in the field, he is a strategic thinker, adept at conceptualising challenges and developing solutions, always taking into account political and cultural sensitivities. I cannot think of anyone else with this combination of skills, which are underpinned by the highest personal integrity and a passion to change the world.”